Tuesday, 25 March 2025


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Welcome to the website of the freelance theatre technician and stage manager Anthony Watson. 
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Thursday, 25 July 2024

Prompt side podcast

Im now working on the prompt side podcast. Each series we talk to six theatre professionals about there work and carer. It is avalable on Itunes or online via Acast

Friday, 23 October 2015

New chapter

I received the call yesterday afternoon to tell me that I have got the job as the new deputy production manager for the Old Vic theatre, I was gob smacked, in a good way. I never thought I would get the job when I applied for it.
This year I have been having a lot of the imposter syndrome. Something that came to my awareness from a blog by Robin Ince. It was something that I was aware of but until that post I realized what it really was. Its that point in your mind that goes your not really meant to be doing this as a job and you don’t know what your doing and your going to be found out.
Getting this job has made me snap out of this feeling, for now. In a weird way I felt that this is some sort of approval that no matter how well I’ve been doing as a freelancer that I just couldn’t find.
I am over the moon as full time employment is something I’ve been wanting for a long time and this is with a fantastic company to.
Ive worked on some amazing things over the years and have had some amazing experiences. I would like to thank some people and company’s that I’ve worked with.
Half moon theatre and especially Fred Beaufort. Bush theatre and the great technical team there. Almeida theatre for taking me to latitude festival.   Oily cart for the three tours of tube and a the Abu Dhabi run. All the amazing creative teams on various shows, amazing designers and lighting designers. Great crews that I have worked with and had a laugh with whilst working long and stupid hours. All the overnight crew that have been there for years at the ROH.

Its been an amazing 7 years freelancing and cant wait for this new chapter.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Bits and bobs

Thought id write a little post on the ins and outs of work recently. After returning from my first holiday in six years back in May it has been steady work flow and currently finishing a maintenance run at the wonderful half moon theatre. Next I move onto a bit of stage managing for the next few months, kicking off rehearsals this week with the win bin, This looks like a fun dark comedy that’s going to be at the red lion in Islington. Im going to try and write a proper post in a few weeks time about this as I want to get into the run of things, Im considering trying to do something else as an update with this but need to do a confirm a couple of things. As time moves on and I find more out this really looks like it is going to be a lot of fun and be something im going to enjoy working on which is great as ive been having very mixed feelings about work lately and weather I should continue this as my career!

After the win bin I rejoin working with Crying in the wilderness productions on a slight mix bag of roles which is stage manager and lighting designer for the production of ‘Sarai’ this is something we R&D last year at the Arcola and they have picked it up to be turned into a full production. This im very excited about as its been a slight long running passion project and its been something I have been involved in on and off for 3 years with the same creative team, its been lovely seeing how the whole thing has been progressing and now coming to the stage it deserves.

There is talk again to do another two week run of road safety show with Half moon. This will be the fourth year for me and looking like the only person originally involved in the project to return and keep going. I quite enjoy these two weeks it’s a good show and tend to have a good laugh along the way.

The big thing for me at the moment which I have been tweeting about is my work on two podcasts. One which I work on with a couple of friends which isn’t so serious and we do as and when which is called ‘So pedantic’ this is a film review podcast. The main one im working on is called ‘Prompt side’ which is a interview podcast with people in theatre and the arts. Series one is all recorded and is half way through its release schedule. There are some great guests on this and im proud of it. Im working towards series two at the moment which is looking even stronger and have some really amazing guests lined up for it. I will announce more later on but im feeling very excited by this and its a lot of fun to do.
Both of these podcasts are available to listen on itunes and acast.